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International Standard on Quality Management (ISQM)


The management and monitoring
of the entire ISQM 1 & 2 standard
with ISQM-Manager


ISQM-Manager is based on experience in risk management
and is now available to meet the multiple needs of the auditing sector in order to follow the ISQM 1 & 2 Quality Standard (international standard) on a daily basis, which is fully integrated into the software in several languages, and to make you effective in the management of quality, risks, risk responses and all related actions within your company, practice and/or network by means of real-time and periodic monitoring.



Missions-Manager is based on experience in managing assignments in the auditing sector and is now available to meet the requirements and needs of the sector in order to monitor all of your assignments on a daily basis and linked to the ISQM 1 & 2 standard. Missions-Manager also enables you to manage all your assignments efficiently, as well as all related actions, through real-time and periodic monitoring.



Your business software to support you day after day.

The ISQM standard 1 & 2

International standard
The main objectives of these standards are to improve the
robustness of control systems.


Our company at your service to optimize the quality and
control of your risks.Our company at your service in optimising
the quality and
management of your risks.

ISQM Manager subscription

Link to the subscription page for use
of thr ISQM-Manager.

ISQM-Manager Continuous Improvement

Following numerous discussions with auditors and auditing firms, we have put in place :
Listening to users : We are very attentive to the demands and requirements of the profession in order to respond positively to expectations and enrich the ISQM-Manager software day after day.
Improvements : We have already been able to collect new requests and integrate them directly into ISQM-Manager for even more effective day-to-day use.
Cost reduction : Thanks to discussions with the profession, we have also been able to reduce the cost of using ISQM-Manager & Missions-Manager.

ISQM Manager

International Standard on Quality Management (ISQM 1 & 2)


The general aim of this new standard is to continue our efforts to improve the quality of our professional practice, thereby strengthening our essential role as financial experts in creating economic stability and confidence of all economic and social stakeholders in our country.

The experts

The experts have defined and integrated all of the risks based on your everyday job.

From 10 October 2023, we will be introducing

A mechanism for any ” JOINT REQUEST ” with a simultaneous order
and a simultaneous signature by several firms.
ESOMUS is introducing a 20% discount which will be granted
only on the setup of each practice that signs simultaneously.
At the time of the request, each firm’s purchase order must be signed within 10 days of the joint request.


Languages ISQM-Manager

We currently work mainly with the following languages : FR – NL – EN
Demo languages : FR – NL – EN
The following languages are also available:
PL – DE – AR – BG – CN – HR – DA – ES – ET -FI – EL – HU – GA – IS
IT – JPN – LV – LT – ML – NO – PT – RO – RU SK – SL – SV – CS – TR – UK

Thank you very much.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust.
It’s a real pleasure and a challenge to bring your business requirements to the fore.
We would also like to thank all our partners and our entire team
our team, who are on hand to support you with the
ISQM-Manager and/or MISSIONS-Manager.
We are also constantly innovating and developing the tools you need
to make you even more efficient day after day.

Thank you for your confidence in us.

If you would like to use our software based on business experience, please contact us for more information.

Working with ISQM Manager

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